FOOD FOR THOUGHT: My Experience with Raw Juice Guru's Artisan90 Cleanse


Do you ever just have those days when you wake up and say to yourself, "okay, something's gotta give, changes need to be made"? Well last month I had one of these, big time. I don't know if it was the change or season or lack of structure in my life after The Bachelor Canada, but I was feeling sluggish, low energy, and just overall BLAH. Ya feel me? Enter Raw Juice Guru.

I discovered Raw Juice Guru on IG and was immediately interested in giving their 10 day Raw Food + Juice cleanse a try (the Artisan90). I stalked them hard on Insta and everything looked amazeballs, PLUS this cleanse, yes, includes many fresh pressed juices daily, but there is FOOD. Everyone reading this knows how much L O V E my food, and knowing that this cleanse involved legit chewing made it so much easier for a foodie like myself to commit. I don't know if you can feel my energy right now, but I have so much positive feedback on this cleanse I don't even know where to begin.  Let's go over 1) a bit about the Raw Juice Guru Raw Artisan90 cleanse and how it works, 2) how I felt throughout the cleanse mentally and physically and 3) menu highlights and review! 



Let's just lay down the Raw Juice Guru mission because I think it truly speaks to the nature of the cleansing process - "you can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again". Well thank G because I have put so many bad things in my body over the last 27 years this re-wind is completely necessary. So what would you be signing up for? The Artisan90 Raw food cleanse is a gentler cleanse that helps avoid cleanse symptoms while still providing substantial detox from all the YUCK and chemicals in your body. Basically this means you don't have to lock yourself in your room because your head is too cloudy, or avoid taking stairs because you don't have enough energy to make it. For someone like me with a very busy day to day, this is perfect. My cleanse food was delivered in a personalized cooler each morning RIGHT TO MY DOOR. AKA - no excuses ladies. All the "oh I didn't have time to cook before my meeting, i'll just grab a processed $18 sandwich" excuses were dead in the water. I was IN IT. 

Each day of the cleanse includes two raw food meals, 64oz of fresh organic raw cold pressed juice, a 32 oz smoothie, and an array of healthy elixirs and desserts. I think sometimes (as I do), people get deterred from cleanses because they think it has to be ONE SPECIFIC STRICT WAY. Guys, if you don't like celery, if mushrooms make you barf, or you are allergic to onions like me - CHILL. Raw Juice Guru takes the time to inquire on both your dietary restrictions and your goals, and is more than happy to avoid the foods that do not agree with you or your health. TALK ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can cleanse for 1-30 days as well, so feel free to start small and work your way up! Even if you can do ONE DAY A WEEK you are on the way to be living a healthier life style. On top of this, each juice and food item is labeled by number so you know in which order to munch down! Every day you will get an email with the menu and all ingredients! I love this info because I am then able to note which of my fav recipes I can incorporate into my every day life after the cleanse, to keep up with healthy raw eating! 

Generally speaking, if you aren't feeding your body what it needs to function optimally, you are putting yourself at risk of a poor immune system, low energy, disease and inflammation. The saying "you are what you eat" was not just MADE UP guys. You literally are. This cleanse will provide your body with what it needs to heal, restore, and detox. So don't be running for the french fries when it is all over - think of all the hard work you put in those cleanse days! 

Now..WHY RAW WTF? Hear me and science out. Cooking food at above 118 degrees can remove nutrients and add toxins. AKA we are harming our bodies by processed and cooked foods. As these toxins build up, you are out of sync! Fully raw means full of vitamins and nutrients! Yay!

To get more info about the benefits of a raw food diet, and survival tips for the cleanse, check out the wealth of info on the Raw Juice Guru page.


So I did my 10 days and was feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD. So much so that I extended my cleanse.. guys I am STILL GOING! Day 1 and 2 were the only days I found challenging. I was NEVER hungry, Raw Juice Guru provides great portion sizes and filling raw meals, but I felt a little cloudy and I wanted pizza and ice cream hard. After those two days I felt like a QUEEN. Once you get over that hump you feel like you can do anything. For me this became not just a CLEANSE, but a serious life style change that my body needed more than I knew. Even when I stop receiving my prepared meals and juice, I am going to continue to incorporate raw food recipes and fresh pressed juice into my lifestyle as much as possible - and I am going to keep up with vegetarianism! I also received (and also noticed myself) so many compliments about the appearance of  my hair and skin! I have taken everything to try to make my hair look healthier, and simply correctly feeding your body is the ANSWER. I cannot thank Raw Juice Guru enough for collaborating with me because I learned that I am SOLELY in control of the way my body looks and feels and I CAN achieve my health goals if I just STICK TO IT. Learning this has had the most positive affect on my mental state as well, I have never felt so clear. I am so happy with the way my body looks and feels there is just no turning back now on my health and fitness journey! I am literally tearing up writing right now because I feel so grateful for Raw Juice Guru helping me see that I CAN DO IT. And guess what... YOU CAN TOO!

The one thing I will say, which isn't even a con of doing this cleanse, you must commit to being strong if you have to attend events with alcohol and dinners with food. Bring your cooler or food items around with you so that you are never tempted any thing else. Or eat before the event and let the client know you have committed to a cleanse - you would be surprised how understanding people are! It gets easier and easier to resist as time goes on! Oh and expect to go to the bathroom more than usual.. if you know what I mean!  

PS - you will never get tired of people saying "OMG YOUR SKIN IS GLOWING WHAT DO YOU USE?" BUT you might get tired of people saying "you're just GLOWING, are you pregnant?" LOL


Here are some images of menu highlights from my cleanse. As I mentioned, it consists of juices, smoothies (smoothie bowls included!) , elixirs, raw food meals, and a variety of sweet treats and chia bowls!

I LOVE green juice, mainly because it makes me feel like i am living my best life even if I have one a month. Having green juice every day was easy because they were delicious and an energizing way to start the day. The energy balls and chia seed bowls were always received with excitement, as they are the perfect sweet alternatives to my usual candy and ice cream habits. I like that there was a mixture of green juices and fruity ones - the berry variety and the watermelon lemon juice were my fav! Again, great way to curb the sweet cravings. Moving onto the gourmet raw food meals. I just couldn't believe how much VARIETY there was in the meals themselves, the dressings, the toppings. MIND BLOWN. I have not eaten strictly raw ever in my life, and it was not as hard as you might think! Think zucchini/squash/beet noodles, hemp hearts, nuts and seeds, fresh greens and veggies, pestos and nut creams galore.  And trust me, after 10 days, your body and mind will be THANKING YOU! 

Click on the images below to see my highlights! And leave me a comment! Have you ever done a juice or raw food cleanse?! Check out Raw Juice Guru and get yours! If you email them and say I sent you - 10% off your first cleanse! No go do something good for YOU!