I feel like I haven’t spent any time at home since spring, and I am honestly loving it! Travelling is one the most important things to me.  Every time I go away I feel like I come back as a reinvented and wiser version of myself. No matter what the nature of the trip, there is always so much you can learn and experience in new places – nothing like it!

A few weeks ago I had an incredible opportunity to collaborate with Los Cabos Magazine in Cabo San Lucas with my fellow blogger/girlfriend, Carleton Eckhardt. Cabo first-timer? So were we! I rounded up some of my favourite moments from the action packed 3 days I spent there. I would have loved to stay the whole week, but I had a family emergency. Be sure to check out the remainder of the adventure documented by the lovely Carleton Eckhardt.


Something I have really learned to value as an avid traveller is a smooth transition from touch down to bags down (in the hotel room that is!). Upon landing at the airport we made our way to the nearby 10 Car Rentals office and were immediately set up a Jeep Wrangler to take us on all our adventures. I loved the “Barbie Jeep” vibe for this specific vacation – it was a girls’ trip after all!

The drive to our hotel, Hacienda Del Mar was short and sweet, and the friendly staff were there to greet us and handle getting us and our luggage to our room. Smooth transition? Check!

To our delight the “room” was an incredibly spacious two bedroom suite with a large terrace and ocean views (#winning). It was also equipped with a full kitchen and living room for us girls to enjoy!

The grounds of the hotel were beautiful an well kept – a blogger’s dream come true! We spent and entire day venturing around the area snapping photos of each other with the endless array of “backdrops”.




Another highlight of Hacienda Del Mar was the hotel bar, Pitayitas. Some days after being out in the sun for hours, shooting and adventuring, it is nice to just enjoy an evening right on the resort. Getting to Pitayitas from our suite required minimal effort and was maximum fun! Drinks, dancing, new friends, and such an amazing energy in the room! We spent most of our time enjoying the ocean breeze out on the terrace lounge sipping Palomas. Need I say more?

Speaking of nightlife, Carleton and I had a night out at The Nowhere Bar and I would use 3 words to describe this place: The. Most. Fun. We got into the tequila, as girlfriends do, and hit the d-floor, which by the way, was a platform of lit up neon tiles – how could you not?! The music was one of those eclectic selections you just can’t get enough of and everyone was on a mission to have the best time. My kind of place! 

D A Y T I M E   A D V E N T U R I N G

Let me assure you, we were not just there to enjoy the epic night- life, we experienced some unforgettable day time activities as well. My favourite was the Wine and Jazz Cruise on the infamous Tropicat. This catamaran was my spirit animal; wine, tapas, jazz, ocean, sea lions, beaches, coastline, and did I say wine? We posted up at the front of the boat on the net and took in the spectacular views. FYI the service on this boat cruise was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. A lovely gentleman continuously made rounds with the rosè, which is something that for me will never go unnoticed! It was also really great to get to see the different beaches and rock formations surrounding the main town. There was something romantic about witnessing Lovers/Divorce beach. Fun fact: one side is called Lovers’ Beach because the waters are calm and safe and the opposite side is called Divorce Beach because the waters are rough and turbulent laden with dangerous rip tides.




As you know eating is one of my specialties, and when I eat, I don’t mess around. During our foam party day at Breathless Resorts we had the pleasure of enjoying three of their dining experiences – not to mention the endless poolside snacks and treats! Lets just say it was a day I was glad I wore a 1 piece to the pool. Thankfully I arrived hungry because there was nothing at their lunch buffet I did not want to try.. and then have seconds of. We sat on the patio and soaked up the sun as well as the calories!

Next on the menu? Tequila! We went to La Biblioteca for a formal tequila tasting and sampled some items from their authentic Mexican menu. I loved getting to learn a bit more about the different tequila varieties and how they are made, instead of just shooting them back for once (LOL BUT ACTUALLY). I came out of that one feeling like I had just read a book or watched a documentary.

When we were ready to feed again we left the pool and made our way upstairs to the Barefoot Grill. There is something to be said about ANYTHING freshly made off a grill – and it’s that it’s the BEST. We basically ordered the entire menu from ribs, burgers, quesadillas and salads. Everything tasted absolutely amazing and I loved the cozy communal seating.

Also, what is a girls getaway without room service? The room service at Hacienda Del Mar was always delicious – so many options!



To sum it all up, Cabo really does have it all! It’s the perfect spot for a weekend getaway with the girls – maybe if I end up engaged on the Bachelor Canada I will have my Bachelorette party there! (HA) If I do, I will definitely have my photos done by - they captured theentire adventure beautifully! 

Have any of you been to Cabo? What is your favourite place for a girls getaway?