The closer I get to the big 3-0, birthdays are becoming less about a big party and more about taking the day to soak in all the special people and places in your life. A day to reflect, sit back and appreciate where you are at in life and anything you have accomplished that year. To be completely honest, that is the way I like it!

This year I was lucky enough to be home in Toronto on my birthday. With the amount of times I have moved throughout my 20s and the travel that exists in my career, I don’t often get to ACTUALLY spend my birthday celebrating with loved ones.  To enjoy the day to the FULLEST, I decided to have a little Toronto themed Birthday Staycation, featuring my fav Toronto spots . Needless to say it was a magical day, and I am excited to share with you guys a couple of my cannot live without locations in the city when for you need to kickback, relax and treat-yoself.



I started off my lil B-day Staycation at my favourite spa in the city. Now TRUST - I have been to most of the notable spas in Toronto and sorry not sorry but nothing beats Hammam. The second you walk down the stairs off the business of King Street West, it is like entering a different world – a ZEN world. I know this is a bizarre comparison but it is like you are stepping out of the craziness of the city and crawling back in the warm safe cozy womb (LOL). Anyways, it smells like a DREAM in there and both the reception staff and technicians are always the most friendly and informative. You basically will never want to leave, especially because of their facility, inclusive of the best steam room in the city and an super cozy tea lounge to enjoy in the softest of robes, so ensure you give yourself ample time to spend.

I had a 60 minute massage as well as the OxyGeneo facial. I have had massages at Hammam before and they never disappoint. I like A LOT of pressure and I used to have a hard time finding a therapist who can actually get up in those knots the way I need – until I started coming to Hammam, that is.  The only bad part of the massages there is the end.. because well… then it is over! I sit at a desk all day and am constantly head down looking at my phone so I have a lot of tension in my upper back. I left feeling like a million dollars.

After my massage we went right into the OxyGeneo Facial. I am guilty of not getting facials. I think this is the first one I have had in years but it was my VERY first oxygenating facial. They use this tool that feels similar to a vacuum and move it around over your face with various products to, exfoliate, stimulate your skin and essentially bring oxygen to your face. It helps with skin’s appearance, dark/sun spots, pores and blemishes, and is suitable for almost all skin types! The mask goes over your mouth and eyes so the technician kindly let me know if I was at all claustrophobic to tell her. I have never even heard of a mask that goes over all parts of the face but let me tell you – it was SO WEIRD, but in a good way. It felt like someone was making a cast of my face. To be still and have your eyes and mouth closed for 15 minutes  is a very good mediation exercise, and left me feeling very relaxed.  While she mask was on she did a hand and arm massage, as well as a foot rub with hot towels. I was in HEAVEN. You can notice the results of increased oxygen immediately, and I also noticed additional results as the week progressed. My skin looked more even and felt more supply. I will definitely be going back for this treatment and I highly recommend it to you!

Be sure to check out my highlights on my Instagram to get a closer look into my Hammam Spa experience!


Post spa, I then headed to my home away from home, One King West, for the ultimate hotel stay. I am sure you guys remember but one King West is where we hosted the Bachelor Canada viewing party in Suite 1500 and also where I did my Women Tell All Live Feed. I. LOVE. THIS. HOTEL. Seriously - everything about it. I love the regal, vintage yet modern feel of the lobby, I love the décor, and I especially love the views from the suites. Every time I stay here I feel like a Queen!


Upon checking in, up to the room I went only to receive a phone call that there was a little treat waiting for me in the fridge. It seems that the team at One King West has figured out that the way to my heart is through dessert and they surprised me with an amazing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” plate of cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries. #LUCKYGIRL.  Talk about above and beyond. I have to be honest though - I wasn’t surprised. The team at one King West truly understands attention to detail and always makes my stay there incredibly special and memorable.

There is something about staying in a hotel that makes you feel so fancy and glamorous and I absolutely love it.  For my Birthday Staycation we stayed in the ever-so spacious The Tower Premium Suite. The fact that it has a separate bedroom and living space area is amazing and gave us enough room for my girl Steph to come set up to do some birthday glam while I had a couple girlfriends over for prosecco!

Whether you want to go a little east, a little west, or stay in the downtown core, the location is as central as it gets, and the lobby was a great place to have the girls all meet up before we headed to dinner. The Path is also below the hotel if you need anything, and in the cold Toronto winters, being able to access shops without having to throw on a faux fur and brave the cold is invaluable!

Fast forward to after dinner at Lee  (cause SLAW, duh)  and I am sitting up with my blogger babe Darlene chatting about life over One King West truffle fries and watching Forensic files in bed. Honestly, the perfect end to the perfect day! On top of it all, I had the most amazing sleep! I honestly NEVER sleep through the night I am such a wrestles sleeper, but these beds, I am telling you! Even if you don’t need to stay at a hotel, maybe just go sleep at One King West for the night if you need some good shut eye!


In the morning, sunlight filled the room. When I stay here I like to leave the blinds open because the view of the city when the sun rises over the lake and all the high rise buildings is epic. You can watch the entire city as it wakes up from the quiet and comfort of your cozy bed.

Be sure to head to my Instagram highlights to see more on my stay with One King West!

All in all, what an A M A Z I N G way to ring in 28. Thank you to everyone who hung out, laughed, ate food, and made it so special. I love this city and I love all of you!

Opinions in the post are all my own and this post is not sponsored.