Hi!👋 I’m Mikaela, but if you’re here, i’d say we are now on nickname basis, so call me Mik. I am creator of SHOPAHOLMIK - the fashion and lifestyle destination for all my fellow shopaholics. I'm a California girl living inside a Toronto girl from Winnipegs' body (confusing, I know).  I am a self-proclaimed travel addict and fashion is the name of my game - my ride-or-die. From college to career, I have always kept fashion (and naturally, shopping) alive and well in my daily routine. 

The skinny on my style? I’m a mood dresser, with an obsession with layering and textures. I am not afraid to take risks and try new trends, but all in all, I am an huge advocate for dressing for your body. I hope SHOPAHOLMIK will promote self love and confidence, and inspire positivity for all readers. They say find what you love and let it kill you, so here we go!

A few fun facts:

I am currently a contestant on this season of THE BACHELOR CANADA (tune in Wednesdays!)

I had lived in 4 different cities by the time I turned 25 (ALWAYS say yes girls!)

I can eat 3 tubs of Haagen Daz in 15 minutes and ask for a 4th

Flip-flops make me want to puke