First of all. I apologize for the lack of posting to the blog the last couple months. I have been going through a lot of changes in my personal life and I only ever want to put forth posts I can truly put my energy into.  I am sure most of you have been in a very emotional state and find it is hard at times to focus your energy on what you care about. I have always struggled with this, but it is something I am working on. Long story short - I AM BACK IN FULL SWING BABIES!

If you've been following along with SHOPAHOLMIK on Instagram lately (thank you so much to all of my followers!) you will have noticed I am totally gung-ho on spring's STRIPES trend. Big, bold, slim, horizontal, vertical - just show me stripes and I will open my wallet! Below are some of my FAV stripe pieces I have picked up for this this season. I love how versatile all these pieces are because to me it is very important to own things that you can transform, as opposed to wearing it once and feeling it has run its' course (yes, I am also guilty of this behavior!).

I saw this set online at Zara and bee lined to the nearest store to give it a whirl. AUTO LOVED IT. I got extra excited because the pieces individually make for super cute separates. I have since worn the top with jeans, and the pants with other crop tops (stay tuned to IG to see!) and the compliments were a flowin'. I now call it the set of endless opportunies. 

These blue and white striped pants make me feel extra amazing not only because the narrow vertical stripes elongate the leg but because I bought them on sale at for a whopping $9.99. It just does not get any better than that! The pants can be styled very casually with flats, or dressed up with heels and a blouse for fancier or more corporate occasions. #versatile

I picked up this one shoulder beauty at Zara - early bday gift from Mama! It is a combo of two of my favorite spring trends - stripes and bows (#putabowonit , DUH). The bow wrap detail was defintiely a selling feature for me. Not only is it cute AF but it can make people with a less defined waist (like myself) appear to have a much tinier mid-section!

I LOVE this top. Again, it combines of two of my favorite trends for spring - number 1 being stripes and number 2 being statement sleeves. I love how elegant long, flowy sleeves can make a girl feel! This top is from honey in Toronto. PS they also have a black and cropped version of this top! (It's on my mind, of course)

Which striped piece is your fav? Are you as addicted to stripes as I am? Leave me a comment, I would LOVE to hear from you! xo, MIK



Most of us know and love Zara for fast fashion and affordable knock-offs of our favourite trends, but some of my most beloved classic wardrobe staples have been found here as well - [enter wool grey jump suit].. I have never been drawn to jumpsuits and found them to be short in the rise 90% of the time (I am 5'7), but after it caught my eye and my mind started racing with all the different ways I could wear it, I could not resist! I love the neutral grey, and I can wear it all year long. More and more I find myself migrating towards purchases and trends that are season-less, and love thinking of different ways to transition the pieces in my wardrobe. See 4 ways I like to style my sleeveless jumpsuit below!



So simple. This jumpsuit went from plain to pretty in a matter of seconds! I love how a bow adds instant femininity to absolutely anything, and there are several ways you can tie the bow: loose and low, tight to the neck, front, side, AND if you opt for hair up, try tying it in the back! I made my bow using a plain black skinny scarf from ASOS.

Shop it here on ASOS:



There is always something sexy about lace. It's the tease of all fabrics - like, "yes I am fully clothed but you can kind of still see all my naked skin". I layered a long sleeved lace top underneath to jazz up this basic jumpsuit for dinner. Lace, as bows do, instantly make me feel more feminine. I threw a lace choker on over the high-neck of the jumpsuit to tie it all together. And as always, ankle boots!



Va-va velvet! I bought this velvet blazer at a vintage store on Queen Street West on a day that now feels like decades ago now. I've loved it every day since. Its professional with personality and looks good over just about anything. To me, a solid black blazer is a wardrobe staple (velvet or not), and although this one was a steal, it's something worth splurging on! Man Repeller often does really great pieces about how many coffees and lunches out you have to skip to be able to afford things like $750 dollar blazers. Great read to train yourself to stop justifying those $7 lattes. 



And then sometimes you just need an extra layer of cozy during the hard (cold) times. My go-to this season has been the turtleneck, but any type of chunk cozy knit works here! I love how a sweater can automatically transform the entire look by making the jumpsuit appear to be high waisted pants. Versatility at its finest.



As most of you know, I am a self proclaimed "texture slut" and therefore both drawn to and addicted to fall/winter jackets and coats. My obsession began early on with my grandmothers furs, and has evolved into a beast all its own. Fun, fuzzy and typically a conversation starter, there is no reason not to play with our "outer shells" in the colder months. Here I am rounding up my top 5 most inquired about coats with links to either the identical piece or a similar style. Stay warm my friends! 


1. Creamy and cozy

This was one of my favourite gifts ever (shout out to my Aunty Lori!). I love incorporating whites and creams into my winter wardrobe. It's like you are a walking monochromatic scene from some pretty winter movie. It's an easy way to feel fresh AF. This coat is not the WARMEST out there but it does the trick on milder days. I feel cozy when just looking at it. BE WARNED: if you don't like to be touched, don't buy this coat. The amount of hugs you receive in a day will inevitably go up exponentially. 

Here's' a link to a similar style from ASOS:


2. Daytime denim

I love this cozy lil' denim jacket from Silver Jeans Co.. Denim jackets are not typically a cool weather go to, but with the lining in this one makes it surprisingly warm! Throw on a toque and scarf and you good to go. 

It's available here:

3. Pop of pink 

This is probably my most asked about coat! I bought it last season from an Aussie brand called Unreal Fur, and it seems to have made an appearance again this season (score!). They make vests, coats, and waistcoats in super playful coloured fur - all to die for. ME L-O-V-E. The collar of this cream dream is in my opinion, the perfect pink. You instantly feel glamorous when you put this coat on, and its surprisingly versatile for a statement coat.

Here is the link:


4. Classic black

I can't take credit for this find either (shout out to my Nana for buying it in the 40's), but a classic black coat is exactly that: a classic. You can dress it up with heels or down with denim, but I have found this coat to be absolutely timeless. Since it's an investment piece, I encourage you to splurge a little more (like that will be hard!).

A link to something similar by Kate Spade:

5. The Little Blue Monster 

I bought this coat a couple years ago in the sale section of Urban Outfitters for a whopping 40 bucks. Luckily, these shaggy babies popped up all over fall collections, and have graced our presence in all the colours of the rainbow. Going with a brighter hue can add some colour to your wardrobe, and can lead to fun new nicknames, like, "the little blue monster".

A link to a similar style from Zara (and it's on sale):