Ohhhh fall how I love thee. Layers, textures, fabrics, coats and COZY ON COZY. Summer, you are fun and warm and all, but fall has my heart. This self proclaimed #textureslut is moving my fall obsession from my typical "can't have enough coats" to "can't wear enough skirts". I used to really avoid wearing skirts in the colder months because a) IT IS FREEZING and b) winter bod, but since over the knee boots came back a few years back and as long as live, so will my ability to rock a mini in the snow. I am loving all the textures and fabrics of skirts this season - leathers, metallics, sequins, anything goes, just add a chunky sweater and boots! 

Here are my fav skirts RN and where you can shop similar styles! 


I love the glitz and the glam of a sequin skirt. I actually have always owned one, whether they were on trend or not! The best thing about sequins is that they don't have to always read F-A-N-C-Y. I paired mine with a talkative t-shirt to dress it down and a pair of black ankle boots (PS #nobraclub for life). Now that it is getting even chillier, I will be swapping my t-shirt out for a cozy knit!

Shop a similar style:




It's all about shining this season. Fall/Holiday always brings a bout a little sparkle, but this year I am going all out with the metallics. I love the ruching on this skirt because you can tie it up higher if you'd like a more mini skirt vibe, and let it down if you'd like something more knee length. I got this from from Guess, and it is ON SALE RN - 50% off! Linked below. 

Shop this skirt:




Leather - what else is new, amiright? But I love the rich burgundy, bordeaux and warm berry hues we are seeing this season - such a nice change up from classic black leather! We are also seeing these colours in leather jackets as well, and you know I love a good matchy matchy... Shop the Free People version of this skirt via ASOS below!

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If we are keeping it 100, I didn't own anything red prior to this red faux leather piece from Zara. I am such a neutrals, pinks, and softer tones kind of lady 90% of the time, and I always found red to be a bit harsh and rather aggressive with my cold-weather skin tone. This is one of those times in life I admit to being WRONG and living a lie. Red rules. And now it is time to make up for lost time, aka fill my wardrobe with variations of this hue until death do us part. 

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4. Daytime Denim 

Denim skirts are no longer a thing of the sweet, sweet summer. We are seeing tons of variations of this infamous go-to: asymmetrical, distressed, raw rems, high-waisted.  The best part? Denim is incredibly, undeniably versatile. Wear your skirt with a blouse, a long-sleeve and sneakers, or a chic body suit. Or be like me and pair it with an over-sized sweater and glitter boots and call it a day!

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As some of you may already know, I have been wanting to take a stab at a little side project/side hustle for some time now. I am so excited that come fall I will be doing just that! I am launching a small collection of embroidered crop tops and t-shirts called TALKAHOLMIK that will relate to the SHOPAHOLMIK brand. I have always loved a good talkative top because they are fun and add a little extra personality and flavour to your basics!

I am introducing TALKAHOLMIK this fall and starting with five embroidered "phrases" on quality cotton tops, three of which I have already shared with you on Instagram. As a Toronto girl, my signature crop that will forever be available will be the TORONTO LOVE CROP with "four to the five to the 6ix" embroidered across the center. It is super casual and can be worn with your favorite jeans or cut-offs in the summer time, and can double as a work out top for the gym in colder months! 


Outside of my signature TORONTO LOVE CROP, I am going to release small themed collections of tops throughout the year. It is totally exciting to have a project that is all your own, and I want to use my creative freedom to build a label that is reflective of my #currentmood - which is my mantra for everyday dressing on SHOPAHOLMIK (YOU DO YOU BOO). My first mini collection will be fun and witty phrases related to the influencer world, and I will flow from there! What to expect in general? Beautiful embroidery work, pink, black, white, and grey color palettes, quality fabrics and phrases that will put a smile on your face. 

I can't wait to share the entire first collection with you guys, as well as the SURPRISE collection that will be coming in November as part of a special project I completed earlier in the summer. STAY TUNED!




As most of you know, I am a self proclaimed "texture slut" and therefore both drawn to and addicted to fall/winter jackets and coats. My obsession began early on with my grandmothers furs, and has evolved into a beast all its own. Fun, fuzzy and typically a conversation starter, there is no reason not to play with our "outer shells" in the colder months. Here I am rounding up my top 5 most inquired about coats with links to either the identical piece or a similar style. Stay warm my friends! 


1. Creamy and cozy

This was one of my favourite gifts ever (shout out to my Aunty Lori!). I love incorporating whites and creams into my winter wardrobe. It's like you are a walking monochromatic scene from some pretty winter movie. It's an easy way to feel fresh AF. This coat is not the WARMEST out there but it does the trick on milder days. I feel cozy when just looking at it. BE WARNED: if you don't like to be touched, don't buy this coat. The amount of hugs you receive in a day will inevitably go up exponentially. 

Here's' a link to a similar style from ASOS:


2. Daytime denim

I love this cozy lil' denim jacket from Silver Jeans Co.. Denim jackets are not typically a cool weather go to, but with the lining in this one makes it surprisingly warm! Throw on a toque and scarf and you good to go. 

It's available here:

3. Pop of pink 

This is probably my most asked about coat! I bought it last season from an Aussie brand called Unreal Fur, and it seems to have made an appearance again this season (score!). They make vests, coats, and waistcoats in super playful coloured fur - all to die for. ME L-O-V-E. The collar of this cream dream is in my opinion, the perfect pink. You instantly feel glamorous when you put this coat on, and its surprisingly versatile for a statement coat.

Here is the link:


4. Classic black

I can't take credit for this find either (shout out to my Nana for buying it in the 40's), but a classic black coat is exactly that: a classic. You can dress it up with heels or down with denim, but I have found this coat to be absolutely timeless. Since it's an investment piece, I encourage you to splurge a little more (like that will be hard!).

A link to something similar by Kate Spade:

5. The Little Blue Monster 

I bought this coat a couple years ago in the sale section of Urban Outfitters for a whopping 40 bucks. Luckily, these shaggy babies popped up all over fall collections, and have graced our presence in all the colours of the rainbow. Going with a brighter hue can add some colour to your wardrobe, and can lead to fun new nicknames, like, "the little blue monster".

A link to a similar style from Zara (and it's on sale):