So as most of you know if you have been tuning in to The Bachelor Canada Wednesdays on W Network, each week we get all dolled up, throw on a dress we think we look bangin' in and hope to get that rose. I have had a lot of girls asking me where I got my outfits I have worn on the show, and since we had to bring all our own dresses and I am not a millionaire, naturally some of my dresses are older/no longer available in stores. So if you are feelin' my Bachelor Canada looks and want to rock them yourself, I will be lending my date (where applicable) and rose ceremony dresses each week I am part of this season to Boro It. These dresses automatically became a special part of my journey and I hope that they can be a part of something special for you too! I am going to link them in my story on Instagram each week, and I will add the current Boro It links below, but first let me tell you a little bit about Boro it. 

I met Natalie and Chris, the founders of Boro It right before leaving for the show when we were discussing a blogger collab. Natalie and I stepped out for a coffee and let me tell you, this woman is the BOMB. She is so passionate about what she does. It makes you want to be around her all the time. Since I have been back from the show Natalie and the Boro It team have gone above and beyond at every opportunity to help me find the perfect look for events and parties. I have started to feel so at home there! Like if I am engaged at the end of The Bachelor, Nat will be at my wedding for real. Renting a dress is a transaction that can take place anywhere, but it is the experience I value the most - and they bring it. The mantra and mission at Boro It is "rent the outfit, own the moment" - fucking brilliant. As a woman and blogger with an overflowing condo and an inability to say goodbye to ANYTHING, I NEED this type of place in my life. They deliver, pick up, dry clean, and you only pay if it fits! You can shop pieces form other Toronto fashionistas as well as local fashion bloggers. I also love that you can lend them pieces you don't wear anymore but can't part with, make money off those rentals, and then get them back when you're freaking out like "OMG IT'S TRENDING AGAIN". All I can say is, thank G for Boro It. I love you guys. 


I am going to update this list and re-link each week!

Episode 2 Date Dress:


Episode 2 Rose Ceremony Dress:


*This post is not an ad or sponsored, simply wanting to share my experience with an amazing organization!*